What is the significance of  Stroke Volume




Low Stroke volume is caused by a problem with reception or a problem with ejection or inadequate blood volume.

The heartís normal tasks are to receive and eject blood. The stroke volume is the amount of blood ejected per cycle. If there is a problem with the stroke volume, it must involve either reception or ejection.
Throughout this tutorial series we will separate out stroke volume and heart rate from the cardiac output.

What causes inadequate blood volume?

Hypovolemia may be absolute or relative. Relative hypovolemia occurs when there is an increase in the size of the vascular tree, and there is inadequate blood volume available to fill this space. Absolute hypovolemia is caused by 1. inadequate intake of fluids relative to losses (dehydration), 2. Increased losses due to bleeding, diarrhea, diuresis (including diabetes insipidis), excessive sweating.
The body compensates for volume loss in three  ways. 1. Macrovascular compensation, 2. Renal adjustment, 3. Microciurulatory compensation. Click here for more.




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